Our team of smart, aggressive, multilingual sourcing and sales professionals come from backgrounds in logistics, customs & HAZMAT shipping; pricing analysis & regulatory compliance; manufacturing & commodities; and finance, sales & administration.

We are energetic, love our business, and speak Chinese and other languages.  Our people have traveled all over the world and they are fearless.

Fremont Lancaster was founded by people who know that the globalized supply chain is filled with opportunities to reduce costs without cutting quality.

Manufacturing and distributing across the world can operate faster, more smoothly and with less waste. 

By pooling resources and managing cashflow and expenditures carefully, we're able to provide a superior product at a fraction of the usual cost, regardless of whether the product is a solid good, like a bag or a towel, or a service like an inspection.

Like most Americans, we’ve been to stores to shop for ourselves and our families, and we’ve made professional purchasing decisions.  Many items are made overseas, and the trends concerned us: appliances are flimsier, fabrics are thinner, and construction is shoddier. 

And prices are higher than last year.

We hear all too often that increasing prices and lower quality are the result of higher wages across the world.

But this doesn’t have to be true.

Higher wages around the world reflect an increasingly skilled workforce; Chinese manufacturers are developing the skills needed to produce more technically advanced materials. 

But as wages go up, it is common for buyers to accept lower quality to maintain the price of the product. 

By sharing management practices, statistical principles and production controls, we enable our suppliers to produce the product we need, at the right price, without reducing the weight of their towels, or the density of their foam, or the amount of metal in their appliances. 

While material input cost fluctuations tend to be similar for most buyers - the price of cotton goes down, the price of oil goes up - the process of manufacturing and distributing across a globalized supply chain is filled with opportunities to reduce costs without cutting quality.

Some of our solutions are common sense. 

We don’t take first class flights, and our offices are modest.  We believe that “consulting” is not a fancy word, but a frugal one.  When you pay a plumber to fix a leaky faucet, or buy a wrench to tighten it yourself, you don’t hire someone in a tuxedo or take a private jet to the hardware store; we think of ourselves the same way. 

Some precautions aren’t so obvious. 

You know that certain regulations apply to a product, but do you know which ones?  What if two regulations are in conflict?  (We encountered this problem with labeling requirements for end-user textiles products, and we worked with the regulatory agencies in question to find out which regulation to follow.)  Knowing your product is in compliance means you don’t have to build in extra margin for fines, corrections or recalls, and you can give the most competitive quotes to your customers.

Other solutions go farther up the chain. 

Because we find the most economical travel options, we can afford to stay at the factory for an extra day and inspect the machinery - we ask ourselves questions like:

Could we lower the reject rate by making sure the machines that control the threadcount for our towels are properly calibrated? 

Could we reduce our transportation costs by using a different shipping route or negotiating a better rate with a logistics company?

Going overseas to source a retail product or manufacturing component doesn’t have to mean trading quality for a lower price that somehow always manages to creep up and up.  Selling internationally doesn’t require a huge travel budget or a marketing company.  With the right questions and a toolbox of solutions to make any process more efficient and more cost-effective, a globalized supply chain allows value to be created instead of simply shifted around the world.



We’re excited to be a part of the global process,

and we think you will be too!

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