Inspections, Video Tours & Corporate Social Responsibility 

How do you know when you’ve gotten the best deal?

If your sourcing, sales or logistics relationships are already in place, you still may not know whether you are getting the best possible price or quality, or what kind of impact your supply chain is having on workers or the environment.

Remote Inspections: China Factory Video


With a high-quality factory inspection video tour from, you can see your factory, save your company money and create a permanent record of your inspection.

You can get all your colleagues together to see the factory layout, equipment and quality control.  Your managers will be thrilled that due diligence and oversight are now easier and cheaper, and your whole team can provide valuable input into your vendor selection process. 

We love visiting factories – seeing the equipment in action, meeting the workers, watching the products roll off the line – and we'd love to bring the excitement to you.

Each inspection service comes with a written report, as well as a video that lets you "meet" your inspector and gives you a tour of your factory and a visual inspection of your product.  Shortly after the inspection, you will receive an email with the written report and a link to your video on YouTube, with a unique locked address and account.

A video tour with an inspection report starts at $500 plus domestic travel costs (usually between $50 and $250).  Our quotes make it easy to understand which services are included in our basic fee - we’ll never do an add-on without confirming the price.

Our services are available at a moment's notice. 

Standard inspections take one day.  You can see a sample of our inspections reports at; report length will vary by subject matter.  The sample report is a good example of what you'll get.  Basic videos average about ten minutes.

Each factory visit is unique, and you may have other questions.

We are happy to tailor a quote to your specific needs.

For more information about video tours, please email

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Some business owners and buyers make responsible sourcing a priority because they feel it is the right thing to do.  Others recognize that not doing a background check on a supplier can be a PR or product liability hazard, or they know that workers who are treated well, and are proud of what they do, produce a superior product.

Whatever the reason, most of our customers are interested in whether their factories pollute the environment, whether the workers are happy and safe, and whether employment laws are being followed.

Reassure your customers that you care about your product’s impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility is now as important as price and quality to many consumers, but small companies don’t have the resources that large companies can devote to visiting factories and speaking with workers.

Sometimes the largest, most modern factory can offer the best price because they are

well run and have a happy workforce.  Sometimes unscrupulous factory managers try to reduce prices by lowering their quality or skipping workplace safety measures.

We can tell the difference. 

Fremont Lancaster can advise you on what questions we regularly ask suppliers.  We can also tailor a CSR inspection to your specifications and ask the questions that your company needs answered.  Most factories are happy to answer questions, and the workers and managers are usually eager to prove that they have decent facilities and equipment that makes a good product. 

Video inspections are a great way to see the situation for yourself - seeing the faces who make your product can tell you a lot, and you have a record of your supplier interviews in addition to a written report and photographic evidence.
(don’t worry, captions in English come standard; subtitles in other languages quoted upon request).

For more information about CSR inspections, please email

Supply Chain Consulting

We do inspections, licensing and regulatory research and oversight, customs–related consulting, procurement and tailored logistics solutions.  With American staff who speak English and Chinese, working in both the US and China, we’re here to help 24 hours a day!

We can research your supplier, negotiate prices based on commodity shifts and other constantly changing factors, compile quotes from several similar vendors, talk to the factory employees and managers, and inspect a finished production run.  We can determine whether your supplier is a manufacturer or a trading company.

We make it easy to be in control of your sourcing.  You are welcome to call us toll–free to chat, email us a question, or visit our offices in Shanghai any time!

For more information about supply chain consulting or general inspections, please email

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