Logistics & Transportation

Even when your supply chain is set up, logistics and transportation can throw up roadblocks.

Whether you would like to move air shipments more quickly, get a faster route or a better rate on ocean shipping, or avoid the messy billing and hassle of a freight forwarder, we can help.

Our shipping volume and industry relationships mean we can give you access to great rates on air and ocean freight, and we have the experience with many different types of transportation to know what charges to expect and how to resolve delays quickly.

And if our sourcing, sales, inspection or distribution services fit your needs, Fremont's transportation and logistics experience always keeps your shipment moving!

Door to Door Express

Air Freight Service


Fast, easy, inexpensive air freight shipping

Because we send a lot of air freight shipments in the course of our business, we get great rates for international air shipments, especially between the US and China.  Many of our sourcing and inspection clients are thrilled to take advantage of our rates when they need to send an air shipment.

You can initiate air shipments quickly and easily, and we work with you to make sure your billing is prompt and includes all of the information you need.

After you provide is with the shipper and receiver details and let us know what you're shipping, we will set up your pickup for the same day.  With staff in the US and China, we monitor your shipment and check for delays.  We can help you to avoid some customs issues, and assist in resolving others as quickly as possible.

For more information on Door-to-Door Express

air freight service, please give us a call or email us at airfreight@fremontlancaster.com.

China Sample Express

Consolidated air shipping saves money!

In addition to our other transportation solutions, we offer an air freight consolidation service to lower the cost of shipping your samples and other small parcels.  

We combine several small packages into one shipment, so our customers split the minimum charges and reduce their air freight shipping costs while adding only a few days to the delivery - that’s China Sample Express!

We can do a fast and inexpensive inspection of your supplier's sample BEFORE you spend money to ship it, AND THEN we save you money when you ship.  We also offer a scrubbing service so that you can reduce turnaround time by shipping to a 3rd party directly from a client or supplier.

For more information on reduced cost air freight consolidation with China Sample Express, give us a call at 1-800-568-7618 or send us an email.  

Logistics Consulting

We help find your best solutions

There are definite advantages to giving all of your transportation business to one freight handling company, but price isn't one of them.  

Over the years, we've built strong relationships with a variety of transportation companies.  We know when those relationships can work for us, and we know when to get a comparison quote.  

We know the questions to ask to find out if you could spend less on your ocean shipping - and we know how to avoid nasty surprises that show up

in the form of warehouse and clearance charges.

We are not a freight forwarder - we share our knowledge of the industry to help you put pressure on your transportation vendors to give you the most competitive price or the best shipping lane for your logistics chain.

For more information on logistics and transport consultations, email sales@fremontlancaster.com. 

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