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Regulatory complexity can cost you - understanding the laws that apply to your company takes time, and not complying with all the regulations can result in fines, recalls and damage to your brand.

Fremont Lancaster helps companies avoid costly penalties and recalls, with a fraction of the time and cost necessary to do the research and paperwork in-house.

Many statutes come with record-keeping requirements - we take care of them for you.  

          -  If you buy industrial inputs, how does your factory test their

             product against your specifications?

          -  If you sell textiles, do you understand your labeling

             responsibilities under FTC guidelines?

          -  If you buy decorative plates, do you have to meet FDA


          -  Is your factory really ISO or UL certified?

Our experience dealing with a wide variety of government agencies and different types of manufacturers means that we already know the answers to many of your questions.  If we don’t know the answer, we know how to find it - and we always explain our conclusions.

Sometimes, regulations can conflict; we encountered this problem when researching the labeling requirements for towels.  A number of factors are involved in making a determination as to which regulation to follow, including the most likely use of the towel, but when we followed the trails, we found a conflict between the labeling requirements of two different US government agencies.  We worked with both agencies and our most trusted freight forwarder to determine which course of action would keep us - and our client's product - legal for import, marketing and distribution in the United States.  Our relationship with the factory was already established, so the factory owner was willing to begin production before we resolved the tagging issue.  As a result, the shipment left the factory on time, instead of being delayed while the regulatory issues were cleared up.

Our attention to regulatory details comes standard when you partner with Fremont Lancaster for sourcing, sales, inspections or logistics, but we also offer guidance on a project you have in progress.  

For more information about regulatory issues, please email

Some buyers are reluctant to source retail products like electronics dusters overseas, despite the price advantages, because of the regulatory hassle or concerns over quality.  We researched the permitting process for transporting different classes of hazardous chemicals in retail-sized containers, and in 2010 we became the first company certified to manufacture 152A electronic air dusters in China for import to the American market.  We have built up relationships with can manufacturers and fillers in China, and we're familiar with hazardous material export processing from China.  We hold all necessary licenses and permits to import dusters to the US market, and we know what you need to do to be in compliance with all of the regulations.  We understand the technical aspects of testing and inspecting production, we're up to date with requirements for insurance and chemical spill coverage, and we handle the record-keeping for you.  

For more information about buying, licensing or distributing 152A electronic air dusters for retail sale, please email

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