We connect businesses with their most important resources.

-  We find out whether we can get you the best deal, and if we can’t, we won’t take your business.

-  A familiarity with a wide range of regulatory systems means we make sure your project is in

   compliance with local laws, reducing your liability.

-  Whether your focus is manufacturing or retail sales, our experience in logistics means your

   shipment goes out quickly and is monitored until it arrives.

Components for Manufacturing & Consumer Goods

For Western companies unfamiliar with doing business in Asia, we help navigate the process of entering the Chinese industrial market.  With employees on the ground in China, we can visit factories, negotiate contracts, and do quality control inspections.

We also provide China-side sales representation to manufacturers of industrial machinery and components.  

Our American clients have seen improved profits, kept on schedule and controlled their quality by partnering with Fremont Lancaster to source consumer goods.  With us, small and medium sized companies achieve cheaper, more reliable sources than they could alone. 

Chinese buying power increases every day.  

If you sell online - or would like to - we provide affordable translation, listing and management services that give American businesses increased internet sales to consumers in China.  

or email sales@fremontlancaster.com

​Factory Video Tours, CSR, Supply Chain Consulting

If your sourcing, sales & logistics solutions are already in place, you still may not know what's happening behind the scenes.

With Fremont's inspection service, China Factory Video, 

you can see your factory, save your company money and create a permanent record of your inspection.  Due diligence and oversight are now easier and cheaper, and your whole team can provide valuable input into your vendor selection process.

We make it easy to be in control of your sourcing.

Corporate Social Responsibility is now as important as price and quality to many consumers - we can tailor a CSR inspection to your specifications and ask the questions that your company needs answered. 

Show that you care about your product's impact.

or email inspections@fremontlancaster.com

Whether you would like to move air shipments more quickly, get a faster route or a better rate on ocean shipping, or avoid the messy billing and hassle of a freight forwarder, we can help.

Even when your supply chain is in place, you can hit roadblocks with your logistics and transportation.  Our shipping volume and industry relationships mean we can give you access to great rates on air and ocean freight, and we have the experience with different types of transportation to know what charges to expect and how to resolve delays quickly.

For an express air freight quote, email airfreight@fremontlancaster.com

Many of our sourcing customers complained that they were spending too much money shipping samples from their suppliers in China, so we decided to offer a consolidation service called China Sample Express.  

If you can wait a few extra days, we'll consolidate your package with several others, avoid minium parcel charges, and pass the savings on to you.  

or email sales@fremontlancaster.com

Regulatory Complexity Can Cost You

Fremont Lancaster helps companies avoid costly penalties and recalls, with a fraction of the time and cost of doing it yourself.

Many statutes come with record-keeping requirements; we take care of them for you.

We provide affordable hazardous transport permit licensing for importers of retail-sized 152A compressed gas, allowing our customers to bring safe, inexpensive air dusters to market.  We understand the manufacturing process and the regulatory structure so that you don't have to.  

If you would like to export to China, we can assist you in complying with a wide range of Chinese import regulations.

Foreign companies cannot act as distributors in China, but because we are also a legal Chinese corporate enterprise, you can control your distribution by partnering with Fremont Lancaster.

or email info@fremontlancaster.com

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