Sourcing & Sales: Consumer Goods & Components for Manufacturing​

Whether your focus is on consumer goods or manufacturing, we can help your company achieve savings and maintain control over supply and distribution.

If you buy retail or industrial products outside the US, or you are interested in selling to the consumer or industrial markets in China, Fremont Lancaster can help you to not only find, but realize, savings in your procurement chain.  With Fremont Lancaster, you can gain access to one of the fastest growing markets in the world, increasing overall sales and global market penetration.

Here are some of the ways our sales and sourcing experience can work for you:



American factories lead the world in producing technically advanced,
high-quality products - and American manufacturers tell us that they could produce even more top-selling product if they didn’t need to manufacture simple components. 

With American employees on the ground in China, our sourcing group can inspect factories, negotiate contracts, do quality control checks, and more.​  Fremont Lancaster sources inputs like industrial foams, fiberglass products and fabrics in China for American manufacturers, leaving them free to maximize their capacity by making higher value products and developing new technologies.  

Visiting a factory before production starts is critical to the quality control process.  We ask questions about production capacity and scheduling, quality control and management structure, but we also look for signs of waste, idle machines, unsafe conditions, or any other possible

signs of mismanagement, dishonest, or mistreatment.

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Consumer Goods

Our American customers have seen improved profits and kept their deadlines by partnering with Fremont Lancaster to source consumer goods  -  we have experience sourcing clothing, towels, bags, promotional items, electronics accessories and more.

At Fremont Lancaster, we keep our costs low, oversee our clients’ production personally, and stick to schedule.  This means our clients can take advantage of our vendor relationships and quality control to achieve cheaper, more reliable sources than many small businesses can alone.

The post-production inspection is another necessary step in completing a successful order.  We check that the specifications have been met, and confirm the final quantity.  We oversee the final packaging so that the products are not damaged during shipping.  Any rejected items are replaced with surplus units from the production.

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Industrial Sales to China

We provide China-side sales representation to manufacturers of industrial machinery and components.  For Western companies unfamiliar with doing business in Asia, we help navigate your entry into the Chinese market.  We find your ideal buyers, do the research to represent your product, negotiate agreements, and more.  

While many small and medium size companies do not have the resources to spearhead an international marketing campaign alone, we leverage our experience, international presence, language skills and lean operating structure to provide businesses with access to the Chinese industrial marketplace.  

The Chinese government requires that foreign importers use a Chinese company to perform customs clearance and to do domestic distribution.

Fremont Lancaster's Chinese import/export company

x​ ​​Conghua Trading  |  Fremont Lancaster (Shanghai)x

x is a registered importer to the People's Republic of China. x

Our non-Chinese customers have the convenience of working with an American team capable of clearing linguistic, legal and cultural barriers.

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Have other questions about industrial or consumer products?
We're here to help. 

Let us know if you have other questions - even if you don't nee our services, we can probably point you in the right direction. 


We offer a variety of services that fit your needs, but we're looking for partners to whom we can bring value - if you can solve your problem yourself or need the services of a different professional, we'll always let you know!

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