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Our Team


Sarah Donahue​

Director of Operations

Sarah Donahue keeps Fremont's operations running on time and under budget, combining experience in business administration from a wide variety of fields, including information services, human resource management, law, publishing, grocery, and event production.  Her love of spreadsheets and metrics, together with a BA in philosophy from Eugene Lang College, equipped her to develop the lean budget and flexible operating structure that allow Fremont's sourcing, logistics and consulting brands to bring value to clients anywhere in the world.  Sarah is based in the US after living in China for three years, and writes articles on doing business in China, some of which can be found on this site's Resources page.  You can reach Sarah at 1-800-568-7628 x103, or contact her by email at


Alex Henderson

Director of Logistics

Alex Henderson has broad experience in sourcing, logistics, and transportation, has received certifications in hazardous materials transport, and is experienced with customs regulations and entry procedures.  He oversees general operations and trains US and China-based employees in sourcing and inspection best practices.  Born in Pennsylvania, Alex has traveled all over the world and lived in New York City, Taiwan, China, and the Dominican Republic. He holds a BA from New York's New School University and took certification classes at NYU and Baruch College's International Business and Customs Brokerage program.  Alex speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, and German, and Spanish.  He can be reached any time, anywhere by calling 1-800-568-7618 x101, or at

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Liv Li

China Sourcing Operations 

Liv Li develops sourcing relationships and provides administrative support for Fremont's office in Shanghai, China, as well as providing translation services and support for site visits and production inspections in China.  She also assists with developing China-side marketing strategies.  Liv graduated with a degree in Business English from Nanchang Hangkong University, where she studied Advanced English, International Trade Theory, and International Marketing.  She speaks Mandarin Chinese and English.  Liv can be reached at


Irina Verchagina

Export Consultant and Inspection Coordinator

Irina Verchagina provides contract sourcing, consulting and inspection services for Fremont Lancaster.  Based in Shanghai, Irina specializes in sourcing large-scale manufacturing machinery, especially mining and drilling equipment, and advises Fremont on complex Chinese export tax scenarios.  Her nearly ten years living in China and her degree in East Asian Studies from Novosibirsk Technical University enable her to build strong business relationships across cultural and language barriers.  Irina speaks Russian, Mandarin Chinese, and English.  She can be reached at


Jared Mimm

Graphic Design & Video Inspection Coordinator

Jared Mimm coordinates graphic design materials and produces China inspection videos for Fremont Lancaster.  He has an extensive media and arts background, including nightlife production, and is responsible for the creation of industrial videos that are interesting to watch as well as informative for clients who rely on Fremont Lancaster to be their eyes and ears on the ground.  Jared received his BFA from St. Joseph's University and his MFA from the University of Delaware, and studied at Sophia University while living in Tokyo, Japan.  Before moving to China and working with Fremont, Jared worked in management consulting in Washington, DC.  He speaks English, Japanese, and is studying Mandarin.  Jared can be reached at


Maggie Huang

Consultant, China Manufacturing

Maggie Huang was an original member of the Fremont team, and still provides expert consultation for complex sourcing projects. Before working with Fremont Lancaster, Maggie had fifteen years experience running a factory in China, and her extensive knowledge of contracts, production processes, and business practices in China helped Fremont to become a powerful ally for businesses around the world.  In 2011, Maggie rejoined her family in southern China, but she remains a valued part of Fremont Lancaster.  She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.

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